Christchurch – Queenstown bike ride – preparation

This time, the weather will be different. Colder, weter, more winds and more rain. This is what I am expecting at least. On the morale boosting side, breathtaking landscape for amazing photographs, low uphill gradiants (from what I’ve heard) and great food. New Zealand is supposed to be a great country to cycle around, probably the best way of transport to discover and fully enjoy the experience. Let’s experience it now.

The plan is simple: push my way from Christchurch to Queewstown and have fun in the process! Christchurch – Geraldine – Lake Tekapo – Omarama – Wanaka – Queenstown is the itenerary. Because I am going for such a short period, I’ve decided to rent a bike rather than going through the pain of boxing, dealing with the box at the airport, unboxing, assembling and doing the same process all over again before coming back. I gearer up on clothing though, bringing all I need to stay warm and dry.

Something I missed in my previous bike trip was video. So this time, I won’t be empty handed on that side. I just got a GoPro Hero which I will mount on the front of the bike or my helmet. Can’t wait to see the results!!!


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