First ride: Seoul to Chuncheon

Let me start by saying that shouldn’t be my first post. I tried twice to post an interesting article about Seoul but WordPress fuck it up both times for some reason…. So from now on, I’ll kept articles to a minimum as I am not here to write articles but discover Korea.

Anyway, back to business. I arrived in Chuncheon last night at around 19h after a first moderate day of riding. That included beautiful stretches along a river surrounded by mountain forming an amazing scenery, some climbs and downhill streches and a police arrest because of my crazyness… From Seoul, I followed the bike track along the Han river (which is abolutely beautiful) until I could jump on the highway leading to Chuncheon. It turned out to be a good idea as it was fast until I got pulled over by the police! They excorted me to the next exit where I could jump on road 391 to catch road 46, a secondary road leading directly to Chuncheon. They didn’t gave ne a fine but stringly insisted I never get on highway anymore… Tha lady at the exit gate was yelling “you will die!! you will die!!!” which I found amuzing. After about an hour of riding on the 391, I stopped at a tiny little shop where I could eat a piece of pastry, drink a nice cold gatorate, fill in my water bottle and ask a bunch of ladies what direction is Chuncheon. That’s when I realized the map I had wasn’t detailed enough. I have very good orientation skills and I rarely get lost, but I can’t get around Korea with that map especially because I need to use secondary and country roads. That was confirmed when the road signs didn’t match my map: road 46 is shown as a primary road or highway on my map which means no bike riding or get arrested again while the road sign was showing it was the same type of road I was actually on. I decided to keep going on the road I was instead of making a right and jump on the 46… After about 20km of beautiful scenery and easy cruising riding, I stopped at a petrol station and “ask” around if I could take route 46 instead of my the originally planned road 75. By the reaction of the couple working at the station, it was abvious that using 75 was out of question… So I turned around to use road 46 and from there, all went smoothly. But first thing I did in Chuncheon is to get a detailed map. Of course, no english here; only korea maps but as long as the road number are shown, no worries.

Stats for the first ride:

120km, 7h00 of riding, 3400 calories spent, 2 road kills (1 small snake and a moth or a cricket, not sure), pulled over by 3 cops (2 cars), sunburn on my forearms.

Tomorrow is Chuncheon to Gangneung which I expect to be a long and hard ride, but let’s see how it goes……


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