Initial gear

That’s it! I am leaving tomorrow! I sorted the bike gear I am carrying over there which I tried to keep to a minimum. South Korea is a modern country where a wide range of quality bicycle gear is easily available and accessible apart from the language barrier… Things like tire, chain, wire, and the like are relatively easy to find so I didn’t bother bringing that over. And based on my previous trip in Vietnam, I shouldn’t be needing those. So here’s what I believe to be the essential gear:

– Front (white) and rear (red) lights

– 1 tube

– Puncture kit + Tyre lever

– Repair toolkit

– Lube

– Swiss knife

– Cable wraps

– Heavy duty tape

– 15mm cone spanner

– Small pump

– Lock

– 2 saddle bag mounted on each side of the back rack

– 1 bag mounted on the top of the rack

– 1 bag mounted on the front handle bar

– 1 water bottle

– Bike computer (Garmin Edge 500)

– Helmet

– Gloves

– 1 (or 2?) pair of cycling pants

– Rain coat

– Compression pants, mainly for recovery

I didn’t include all the clothing gear I’ll carry, but the cycling pants are a must while the compression pants is good to help recover after a hard day pushing and the rain coat can be nice to have.

I’ll be packing this into a bike box picked up at a bike shop, wrapping this baby up and off I go!


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